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The Family Crisis Guidebook

When your family is in a state of crisis, it can feel like are quickly being consumed by quicksand. Your first impulse is to reach for anything that will get you out, but your efforts only make things worse. You become desperate and the situation becomes more.

At that point, you are reaching for anything that can help. Families spend a great deal of time and energy reaching for things that don’t ultimately help, or even make matters worse. So, what if one of the first things you reach actually helped? How much time and energy and heartache would you save your family? Early intervention, for a family at the beginning stages of a crisis, can make mean the difference between your family surviving and using the crisis as a catalyst for lasting change and growth. Or, your family gutting out a bad situation, leaving irreparable scars.

Family Crisis Guidebook will help you and your family navigate through the crisis in ways that will not only help you out of a bad situation but will help you achieve sustained change. Change is the only true antidote to future crises. If your family does not take the opportunity for change, the crisis is bound to rear its ugly head, again and again. Use the crisis for the opportunity it is, a springboard for growth.

Family Crisis Guidebook will help you do just that. In the book you and your family will learn how to:

  • Properly understand the crisis
  • Change dysfunctional patterns of behavior
  • Create new and healthy patterns of behavior
  • And create lasting, sustained change that will buffer you from future crises and help your family grow in ways you haven’t imagined.

Crises can be scary and overwhelming, especially when they concern people you love and are close to, but denial is not an option. It will only make matters worse. You must engage with the crisis, as a family. And Family Crisis Guidebook can help you do that successfully.

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