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Daniel Bates

Daniel Bates is an experienced and compassionate mental health professional who has worked with a number of clients, struggling with a number of issues. He is also a dynamic speaker, having spoken at churches, schools, and most recently at the Juvenile Court Workers’ Association of Washington.

Daniel is also an adjunct professor at Multnomah University’s MAC program, located in Portland, Oregon. When he’s not seeing clients at his clinical practice, speaking at various venues, teaching a higher education counseling course, or writing a book, he also likes connecting with people through his various online platforms.

Daniel hosts and produces Counselor Dan Podcast, he puts out videos on his Youtube channel Counselor Dan Videos, and is active on his Facebook page, Counselor Dan. And he regularly adds new content to his website, counselordan.com. We are pleased to published and put forth the work of this versatile and talented author.

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