Family Issues

The Parent Toolbox

Some parents think there is no alternative to shaming their kids in order to discipline, modify behavior and motivate them to change. However, shame is an ineffective discipline strategy at best. At worst, it causes developmental damage to your child, demotivates, and hurts your relationship with them. This is not

Men, You Are Doing It Wrong

Men commonly believe that their two main roles when it comes to marriage and family is to be a protector and a provider. Yes and no. Men are to be providers. Of course, no controversy there. You are supposed to contribute to your family. More and more these days women

This is How You Should Fight

Couples fall into common pitfalls when they get into arguments. These pitfalls, although tempting to fall into, only create damage and hurt relationships. Not listening, arguing to be right, attacks, accusations, bringing up past mistakes, and blowing up or shutting down feel good in the moment, but, in the long-term, they

Counselor Spotlight: Marissa Talarico

I had the great opportunity to interview local marriage and family therapist, Marissa Talarico. She is a gifted therapist who specializes in couples dealing with infidelity, anxiety, and family issues. She also specializes in sex therapy treating a wide range of challenges, including sex addiction. She sees clients at her office in

Book Release “When Parenting Backfires”

New Book release! Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Click here to buy! Let’s be honest. Parenting is hard. From the moment children take their first breaths, parents are faced with decisions and choices that no manual could ever fully explain. And the way you parent is constantly changing: