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When Parenting Backfires

Parent is hard. It may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But it will also be one of the most important, life-transforming roles you will ever fulfill. So, why wouldn’t you want to invest, learn, and grow as much as possible into your development as a parent? Your ability to effectively parent will have a direct impact on your child, but also on how you see yourself. Effective parenting isn’t just good for your kids, it’s good for you. You being more effective and successful with your kids and feeling confident and proud of your parenting is the chief aim of When Parenting Backfires.

From two therapists who have a combined 25 years of experience working with families comes a new kind of parenting book. This book doesn’t focus on technique, a discipline scheme or parenting style. This book focuses on the parent themselves. Who you are— the family you came, your history of trauma, your personality, your worldview— has everything to with the kind of parent you are. Dan and David address, in addition to the major influences that shaped who you are, the kind of thinking that makes parents effective or ineffective. When Parenting Backfires examines 12 thinking errors commonly made by parents. In each chapter Dan and David:

  • Explain the thinking error
  • How it backfires
  • What parents can do to correct the thinking error
  • And real-life examples of parents who have recognized their thinking error, made the correction, and improved their effectiveness.

Your kids, your sense of self-worth and your confidence are all wrapped up in how you parent. Take real steps now, by reading this book and transforming the way you think and the way you parent.

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Learning To Live

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall in a therapist’s office? Well, now you can. Satisfy your curiosity and learn something along the way. Learning to Livehas something for everyone who feels stuck in key areas of their life.

Learning to Live is a collection of lessons in how to get un-stuck borne out of one therapist’sjourneying with clients as the traverse life’s joyous and harrowing challenges. Each chapter is about a different topic, ranging in subject matter from interpersonal communication, effective parenting, setting and accomplishing goals to abusive intimate partners, having a better sex life and navigating the grieving process.

Yes, it’s a wide range of topics, but each issue has the same aim in mind, helping you learn so you can get un-stuck. And why wouldn’t you want to aid your learning process with the help of an expert? Daniel Bates, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, has compiled 20 lessons based on his clinical experience and knowledge of the latest social science research.

So, get out of the detention you’ve put yourself in, and get into the classroom of life! Start the journey of getting un-stuck and start learning to live.

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Even Superheroes Need Counseling

Even A Superhero Needs Counselingis an in-depth guide to understanding your favorite comic book character from a psychological perspective while providing you with relevant and insightful advice. In other words, by learning more about Thor, the Hulk, Wonder Woman, Stephen Strange, Superman and many more, you can learn more about yourself. Comic books aren’t just entertainment; they can be a window into the strengths and weaknesses of humanity.

Daniel Bates is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who offers his expert counsel for superhero, supervillain and readers alike. In each chapter, you’ll find:

  • An overview of major comic book character’s origin story, arch-enemies, and dynamics of their psychology.
  • A mental health diagnosis based on the relevant details of the character’s symptoms.
  • What mental health treatment would consist of based on the diagnosis and how it would help their life.
  • And, most importantly, how your favorite comic book character’s story can be informative for you own personal growth.

So, if you struggle with anxiety you’re in good company, Superman can relate. If you’ve had an addiction, you and Tony Stark could go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together. Or, if you’ve ever had relationship problems, the Scarlet Witch can commiserate with you. Whatever the problem, you will find a superhero or super villain that shares your struggle. And it is through their stories, you can find help for yours.

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The Modern Mystic

Mysticism is a tradition of Christian spirituality that deals in the unknowns of life. Uncertainty is certainly uncomfortable, but behind the darkness are deep ravines of knowledge and wisdom that can only come from intimate experience with God.

This book will introduce you to the history, major themes, characters and practices of the Christian mystics. The mystics will serve as your spiritual guides to the love of God. The purpose of this book is not to update the ancient Contemplative wisdom and practices of the Christian mystics. Instead, the intent is to understand their wisdom in the hope of articulating it in such a way that spiritual seekers from a modern context can understand and apply what is gained for the benefit of your spiritual life.

In reading The Modern Mystic is an opportunity for you to deepen your relationship with God. Walking the path alone, with all its challenges and dangers, is not as hard when you allow others to join. Do not walk alone! Be a part of a two-thousand-year long tradition of people earnestly seeking God. The mystics can serve as your guide to discover the truth that Paul so confidently proclaimed to the philosophers on Mars Hill, that God is close and it is through “him we live and move and have our being.

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Family Crisis Guidebook: Practical Steps to Work through Difficult Situations

A family crisis is like navigating a treacherous mountain range with no map. For all the effort expended getting back to the path, you manage to find yourself more lost and stuck. Fear leads to desperation, which will only make the crisis worst over time. What if you came across a guidebook for lost travelers trying to find their way back? Family Crisis Guidebook will help you and your family navigate through a relational, addiction and or mental health crisis in ways that will not only help you out of a bad situation, but will help your family achieve sustained change. Change is the only true antidote to future crises. If your family does not take the opportunity for change, the crisis is bound to rear its ugly head, again and again. This book will help you use the crisis for the opportunity it is, a springboard for growth.

Family Crisis Guidebook will help you and your family learn how to:
• Properly understand the crisis
• Change dysfunctional patterns of behavior
• Create new and healthy patterns of behavior
• Practical skills for everyone in the family
• Maintain lasting, sustained change that will buffer you from future crises and help your family grow in ways you haven’t imagined.

Crises can be scary and overwhelming, especially when they concern people you love, but denial is not an option. It will only make matters worse. You must engage with the crisis, as a family. And Family Crisis Guidebook can help you do just that by successfully guiding back on the right path.

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