Gifts For Seniors To Help Their Health

8 Surprising Dynamics about Personality

Everywhere you look, people are talking about their personality, the personality of others, taking personality quizzes or assessing the personalities of celebrities. We are obsessed with personality in our culture, but how much do those in our culture really know about personality. The following list of 8 Dynamics of Personality

9 Rules of Fair Fighting

No Shot Gunning: Shot Gunning is when you throw several objections, complaints or grievances at the other person, all at once. This simply is too much to respond to and isn’t fair. Pick one thing to talk about. Cheap Shots: This is when you address a problem or give feedback

Learning to Live Book Release!

Learning to Live isn’t your typical self-help book. Learning to Live contains 20 chapters, each one like a mini session with an experienced mental health counselor. The chapters address a wide array of mental health topics. The central focus is to help you become unstuck and learn the lessons that can

Thinking Errors and How to Fix Them

If you were out hiking and came across a stream, would you immediately start drinking? What if the water was contaminated? If the water was questionable, you wouldn’t drink, right? But you need water so what do you do? Many hikers don’t even worry about contaminants because they have filters,

The Parent Toolbox

Some parents think there is no alternative to shaming their kids in order to discipline, modify behavior and motivate them to change. However, shame is an ineffective discipline strategy at best. At worst, it causes developmental damage to your child, demotivates, and hurts your relationship with them. This is not