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Gifts For Seniors To Help Their Health

Now that the holidays are close, it’s time to hit the mall and do some shopping. No matter what traditions you have in the holiday season, getting presents for your loved ones is almost always one of them.

Kids are easy to buy for. Pick up some games or movies, and you’re done. But what about the seniors in your life? They deserve a good gift as much as anyone, especially since they often have trouble with loneliness and health. In fact, gifts that help seniors improve their health can be just the thing they need. But what kinds of health issues do seniors face?

Gifts To Promote Physical Health

Before you go looking for gifts, it helps to know what health problems seniors typically face. As Everyday Health explains, arthritis is likely the most common ailment — but not the only one. Many seniors have problems with mobility as muscles and joints age. In addition, it can be hard to eat properly when you’re older. That leads to a weaker immune system and more colds.

Then what can you give the seniors in your life? Low-impact exercise is great for seniors, so gifts like exercise peddlers and mini steppers can provide safe activities that improve fitness. Resistance bands are another great idea, but you should also consider a membership to classes specifically for seniors’ health like aqua aerobics or power walking.

You can also purchase a meal delivery service. This isn’t Meals On Wheels, mind you. These days, there are several companies that deliver gourmet meals right to their doorstep. Some are fully cooked, while others include all the ingredients needed to cook a healthy but delicious meal at home.

Don’t Forget About The Mind

Physical health isn’t the only problem seniors can face. The body and mind are interconnected, and many seniors have difficulties with depression and even dementia. That’s why a gift to protect their mental health can be a great idea.

US News & World Report shows that art is often used in therapy and as a creative, fun way to express yourself, which is why a gift of paints or craft supplies can be a great way to help seniors on your gift list. Besides being great fun, art can help prevent cognitive decline that can happen with age.

Games are also a great way to stimulate the brain and fight dementia. Studies show that people who solve puzzles and explore new skills can avoid Alzheimer’s and other issues. While cards and board games are great ideas, look into video games. Not only are these great for mental stimulation, online games can offer a socialization opportunity as you talk about the game.

Playing An Instrument Helps

There is one activity that combines mild exercise with creativity: Playing a musical instrument. Studies have shown that music — especially making it — stimulates the mind and helps keep the brain healthy. Depending on the instrument, it can also offer some activity as you hold and play it.

One of these is the guitar. lists some of the best online guitar lessons seniors can take. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of a musical instrument while not having to travel.

Improving Health Is A Great Gift

Don’t bother buying something cheesy or silly this year for the seniors on your list. Instead, buy gifts that help seniors improve their health. Get some low-impact exercise equipment, some games, and even some guitar lessons so your older friends can stay healthy and happy for years to come.

Whether your gift improves the mind, body, or both, don’t forget the senior on your list this year. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive to be truly appreciated. Music, arts, food delivery, and exercise equipment will brighten anyone’s Christmas and help them start their New Year off on the right foot, regardless of age.

Teresa is the co-creator of, which is dedicated to providing seniors with information on physical and mental fitness so that they can be active and happy in their golden years. You can reach her at

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