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Even A Superhero Needs Counseling Book Launch

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your comic book loving friend or family member? Look no further! Fans of the Marvel and DC movies and comics will love “Even A Superhero Needs Counseling.” In it you will find an in-depth guide to understanding your favorite comic book character from a psychological perspective while providing you with relevant and insightful advice. In other words, by learning more about Thor, the Hulk, Wonder Woman, Stephen Strange, Superman and many more, you can learn more about yourself. Comic books aren’t just entertainment; they can be a window into the strengths and weaknesses of humanity.

Daniel Bates is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who offers his expert counsel for superhero, supervillain and readers alike. In each chapter, you’ll find:

  • An overview of major comic book character’s origin story, arch-enemies, and dynamics of their psychology.
  • A mental health diagnosis based on the relevant details of the character’s symptoms.
  • What mental health treatment would consist of based on the diagnosis and how it would help their life.
  • And, most importantly, how your favorite comic book character’s story can be informative for you own personal growth.

So, if you struggle with anxiety you’re in good company, Superman can relate. If you’ve had an addiction, you and Tony Stark could go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together. Or, if you’ve ever had relationship problems, the Scarlet Witch can commiserate with you. Whatever the problem, you will find a superhero or supervillain that shares your struggle. And it is through their stories, you can find help for yours.

Click on the link to learn more or purchase on Amazon. The book is now available in paperback and the Kindle version is available for pre-order.

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